Unruly hair? Misbehaving tresses? Train that mane with the Phuse™ Hair Tamer Styling Iron. This 1” ceramic styling iron is perfect for adding volume, amazing curls as well as creating a sleek straight look. The result is fabulous looking hair that is virtually damaged free. What? Yeah, our styling iron uses Ceramic plates that produce ultra far infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft. Again, what? That means the Ceramic plates will preserve your hair’s natural moisture while producing an even heat which means less styling time and more time to look hot.

  • Hot. Heats up to 400° Fahrenheit in seconds, with variable temperature control for all hair types.
  • Plates. Ceramic rounded plate edges allow for a variety of styling options—flip it, curl it, make it straight.
  • Flashing. The LED indicator light will flash blue and red when the iron is at its requested temperature.
  • OFF. Please, please remember to turn off the iron when not in use… But just in case you forget, the Hair Tamer has an automatic shut-off within an hour of use. Thank goodness.
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