Crazy brows? Tangled lashes? Fix ‘em with the Phuse™ Double Duty Eyebrow & Lash Comb/Brush. The comb side is perfect for declumping mascara on lashes—no more scary spider legs, while the brush side will calm the wildest of brows. Bat those eyes and raise those brows—they are gawk worthy.

To care for your Phuse makeup brush, use a small dab of gentle, mild soap (What is our definition of a small dab? Half the size of a dime is good. Gentle, mild soap? What you would use on a baby or your face works.), softly rub the soap on the bristles and then run it under warm water, using your fingers to rinse the soap out. Squeeze out the excess water from the bristles and lay brush on a clean towel to dry. Voilà! All clean and pretty.