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Not into Selling
I’m not a salesperson.
I can’t sell anything, it’s just not me.
It makes me uncomfortable to bother my friends and family.
I don’t want to be one of “those” people

Thank goodness, we don’t want “those” people. We want folks that like (even love) our product and like sharing it with those you care about. It’s no different than you trying a new shampoo and discovering you love it. You’re going to tell everyone who you care about and those who compliment your hair that you are using a fabulous new shampoo! Whether you realize it or not, you are “selling,” you’re just not being paid.

You like/love what we offer, share it and we will pay you for it. It is that simple. Please don’t sell it, we are better than that.

Boss Payment / NO Crazy Levels & Flowcharts to Understand
(just good ole’ payment!)

35% Commission on your own RETAIL Sales
8% Commission earned on the sales made by your immediate downline (only one level of “personal enrollees”)
To stay active, you must have an annual Personal Volume of $600